ITT Technical Institute

I worked on the ITT Tech business for a total of six and a half years. In that time, I interacted with a lot of the school's graduates — from reading their preliminary questionnaires to conducting follow-up phone interviews, I was involved in every step up to and including production.

The goal of the testimonial campaign was to increase applications for the school. We went on to expand the campaign to include the perspective of the employers who hire ITT Tech graduates.

Joshua Mann

While initially interviewing Joshua, he revealed that his father had also attended the school over 40 years ago. The two of them followed very different paths but both benefitted from an ITT Tech education.

Eduardo Gallegos

When Eduardo found out he and his wife were expecting, he drove her to the ITT Tech campus and told her he was signing up while they were in the parking lot. His success led his brother and several of his close friends to enroll as well.

Jonathan Gray

Jonathan wanted to spend more time with his family, but no matter how many times he switched jobs, he was never home enough. Once he got his degree he was able to be there for his kids.

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